Unicorn / Daemontools

Curtis j Schofield curtis.schofield at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 17:58:46 EDT 2011

> Yes, it's a problem with the monitoring solution trying to do the job of
> the unicorn master process.  Unicorn is designed to use the master
> process and there's no other way to do what Unicorn does without it.
> The unicorn master process itself should be very robust and never fail
> during normal operation (upgrades may break it if things go really
> wrong, but you already pay attention to what you're upgrading, right?).

I'm not concerned about the unicorn process failing - more i use daemon tools on
boot and to make sure the process comes alive properly at boot and
because daemon tools
has a simple and intelligent interface that doesn't have me writing
blue-pill conf files or monit
conf files.

That said - it may be enough to monitor that wrapper script in this case.

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