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Thu Sep 16 00:34:00 EDT 2010

Check out this new Advisor Search Engine called Greenbeard.

Get paid to give advice over the phone. Greenbeard finds your clients,
connects the call, and then collects all the money for you.

We are looking for articulate and diverse
counselors/advisors/educators/tutors/mentors who want to get paid for
their knowledge and experience on any topic including but not limited

Art, Automotive, Medicine, Law, Chemistry, Mathematics, Science,
Computers, Fashion, Home Repair, Career Coaching, Fitness, Travel,
Photography, Video, Sports, Religion, Social Media, Dating,
Friendship, Astrology, Meditation, Psychic Readings, and many more.

Benefits include:

Set your own compensation rate and hours

Work from your home, office or anywhere you have access to phone and

No upfront investment if you have a computer and telephone

You can work full or part time

Our adviser coaches will help you through the process of promoting
your expertise.  We will also show you methods of developing passive
income through our recruiting program.

If you are an association, organization, blogger, non-profit or group,
find out how you can help generate income for your organization and

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