The complete cure for hiv1 ,hiv2 and sickle cell anaemia

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My name is John Shedrack Ikechukwu, im a barchelor of science degree holder in medical microbiology and  im currently in Malaysia for futher studies in the same field . Im a Nigerian by birth.I want to use this opportuinity to tell you that i have a permanent cure/formular for both hiv 1 , hiv 2 and sickle cell anaemia or any kind of blood loss related diseases with 100% efficiency.My formular corrects or makes it possible to transform the sickle  cell anaemia (ss) into a normal active cell.This formular also makes it possible to increase exponentially the blood percentage of  patients sufferering from any effects of  blood loss.For instance if your blood percentage is 30% , my formular will boost your blood to 90% within 48 hours.With my formular there will be no need for blood transfussion since my formular can increase highly the blood percentage or hb of any patient suffering from any form of  blood loss disease  within 48 hours.I want to quickly add to you that  this formular is 100% natural and it doesnt have any side effects.
 Secondly i have a permanent cure for hiv1 &2 , my formular is very active and effective it can correct hiv positive status to negative with in a  week with no side effects. All this i said have been tested and proven by my team for 7 years. Im really writting to you to tell you that i will like you to  partner with me  in order to make sure that this cure /formular will be looked into and funded for massive production  and used for  the betterment of the lifes of the present and that of the future generations to come.. i will like you to patner with me in  making sure that this Formular is looked into by the respective authorities and also funded in order to produce it in large form for the utilization of the public.I will like to quickly add here that what i have is the natural ingredients and the formular, it will be modified through my key which i will give to the scientists in charge for futher confirmations and experimentations and funding proper.If you are going to help me i will be very glad and i assure you that i will do your wish in whatever you want me to do in this situation.I will be looking forward to here from you. Please  if you want to partner with me in this,contact me through my email and i will be willing to answer all you need to know about this.



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