Prematurely closed connection

Paul Carey paul.p.carey at
Fri May 14 07:00:22 EDT 2010

>> == unicorn.stderr.log
>> I, [2010-05-13T16:34:03.869423 #15332]  INFO -- : reaped
>> #<Process::Status: pid 15398 SIGSEGV (signal 11)> worker=15I,
>                               ^^^^^^^
> Uh oh, something is causing the Unicorn process to segfault in the
> response phase.  Since Unicorn is only running Ruby code at that point,
> I suspect there's something in your JSON enoder that's not liking
> the serialization of invite.errors...

Hi Eric

You're absolutely right. The problem had nothing to do with Unicorn.
JSON 1.4.3 was segfaulting on that particular hash - I don't know why
just yet - but all worked as expected when I reverted to JSON 1.4.2.

Many thanks


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