[ANN] unicorn 0.99.0 - simplicity wins

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Thu May 6 17:01:51 EDT 2010

Jamie Wilkinson <jamie at internetfamo.us> wrote:
> Re: bundling/isolating:
> > If it is not possible to only have one Rack version installed
> > "globally", then they should either use Isolate or Bundler and
> > install a private version of Unicorn along with their preferred
> > version of Rack.  Users who install in this way are recommended to
> > execute the isolated/bundled version of Unicorn, instead of what
> > would normally be in $PATH.
> A caveat about using a bundled unicorn binary (via `bundle exec
> unicorn`): if you use capistrano-based deployment, make sure to use a
> shared vendor/bundler_gems!

Thanks for the tip!

> Obviously this is much faster than re-bundling each release, but it
> also prevents the unicorn binary from going missing -- if unicorn is
> originally executed as
> /app/releases/XXY/vendor/bundler_gems/bin/unicorn and that release
> gets rolled back or pruned by :keep_releases, the original master's
> binary is now gone & it will no longer be able to fork new unicorn
> masters (is this expected behavior/a known issue?)

Yeah, Unicorn will stash the original command-line it was executed
with.  If you need to override this at runtime, I would do something
like this in the Unicorn config file:

      Unicorn::HttpServer::START_CTX[0] = "/some/path/to/bin/unicorn"

Eric Wong

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