Monit configuration

Wincent Colaiuta win at
Mon Mar 8 16:30:57 EST 2010

El 08/03/2010, a las 21:31, Florian Munz escribió:

> Hi,
> is anyone using monit together with Unicorn?
> I'd like to monitor the Unicorn child processes for memory growth. But
> monit needs a pid file for each process and since Unicorn only writes a
> pid file for the master this becomes a bit complicated.

I'm using Monit to monitor Unicorn.

I use the "totalmem" and "totalcpu" keywords to watch the usage of the master process and all child processes.

Previously I used Monit to monitor a bunch of Mongrel servers instead. Those used to stop responding every few days, but I've had no failures nor memory problems since switching to Unicorn.


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