Purpose of "Status" header in HTTP responses?

Craig Davey me at craigdavey.ca
Wed Jun 23 01:57:00 EDT 2010

Hi folks

On line #63 of unicorn/http_response.rb a "Status" header is written to the
socket. A comment in the code explains that some broken clients require this 
header and unicorn generously accommodates them.

We’re having the opposite problem. One of our clients using Microsoft Windows
and ASP haven’t been able to connect to our HTTP API since we moved it to 
unicorn from passenger. They receive the following error message when they 
try to connect to our servers:

msxml3.dll error '80072f78' server returned an invalid or unrecognized response

Our client thinks this error is caused by the "Status" header that is added 
to responses by unicorn. We don’t know of any other instances where this header 
is causing problems so we’re pretty confused about why it’s a problem for them.

Does anyone remember why this "Status" header was added to HttpResponse? Which 
broken clients was the change trying to accommodate?


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