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Jamie Wilkinson jamie at
Mon Jun 21 22:34:33 EDT 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 5:16 PM, Eric Wong wrote:

>> overloading the server or hitting memory bandwidth issues.  The
>> backlog is at the somaxconn default of 128, I'm still not sure if we
>> will bump that up or not.
> The default backlog we try to specify is actually 1024 (same as
> Mongrel).  But it's always a murky value anyways, as it's
> kernel/sysctl-dependent.  With Unix domain sockets, some folks use
> crazy values like 2048 to look better on synthetic benchmarks :)

Somewhat related -- I've been meaning to discuss the finer points of backlog tuning.

I've been experimenting with the multi-server socket+TCP megaunicorn configuration from your CDT:

Which I think is what this sentence from TUNING is talking about?

	"Setting a very low value for the :backlog parameter in “listen” directives can allow failover to happen more quickly if your cluster is configured for it."

Our app can catch a batch of requests which will be slow (1-3s), and these can pool on one individual server in our load-balanced EC2 cluster -- exactly the case for the multi-server failover setup. 

I've put this into production under a healthy load (5000+ RPM) and it appears to work really well!  Produces very high requests/s rates at significantly higher concurrency than without, and serves zero 502 errors (part of the goal)

I currently I have the unix socket set to a backlog of 64, then failing over to a TCP listener using backlog 1024 (so that things are queued rather than 502'd)

I can imagine there might be a case for keeping the TCP backlog low as well & serving errors when overloaded, rather than getting caught in an unrecoverable back-queue tarpit

I'm currently failing-over to a dedicated "backup" instance, so that I could measure exactly how much traffic is being offloaded. This means my benchmarks w/o failover are 1 server, but with failover is actually 2 servers. We're reconfiguring to something more like the original diagram at which point I'll do some cluster-wide stress-tests & share data/scripts/process. 

BTW, this configuration needs a cool name!


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