mongrel_proctitle like support in Unicorn

Jamie Wilkinson jamie at
Thu Jun 17 18:22:33 EDT 2010

Michael Guterl <mguterl <at>> writes:

> On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Justin Hahn <jhahn <at>>
> > Before I go off ans try cutting my own horrible monkey patch to
> > unicorn, has anyone tried implementing something like
> > mongrel_proctitle for Unicorn?

> There's some rack middleware out there, RackProctitle, which provides
> this functionality.  I have not used it with Unicorn, but I don't see
> why it wouldn't work.

FWIW this doesn't seem to work out-of-box with Unicorn. Eric, do you know
offhand if it's possible to use middleware to call unicorn's proc_name? I'd love
to be able to watch what my unicorns are doing in realtime

Slightly related -- is it also possible to interrogate the current size of a
socket's backlog? (is this what Raindrops is for? It doesn't work out of box on
my mac, but I'd see about getting it working if it did)

Congrats on 1.0

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