anything left before 1.0?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Jun 15 20:09:07 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Since some folks have been running Unicorn in production for a while,
we might as well call the next release 1.0.

I have a couple of minor fixes in unicorn.git on top of 0.991.0.

Mainly, there are small compatibility fixes for the future (MRI 1.9.2
and Rubinius) and the past (MRI 1.8.6(!)).

There are also some documentation updates for Rack 1.2, but we should be
compatible with everything from Rack 0.9 (possibly earlier) to the
latest Rack 1.2.

Shortlog since 0.991.0:

Eric Wong (8):
      doc: cleanup rdoc escaping in title, hopefully
      cleanup: use modules were applicable
      t0005: Ruby 1.9.2 $LOAD_PATH fix
      http: fix rb_str_set_len() define for 1.8.6
      app/exec_cgi: rack.input may not respond to #size add 1.8.6-p114 to "full-test"
      tee_input: update documentation for Rack 1.2
      FAQ: help folks help themselves for processes dying in a loop

Let us know if there's anything else missing, pipe up within the next 24
hours or so...

You can always email me privately if you don't want your address on the
public mailing list.  Don't send HTML mail, though.

Eric Wong

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