Unicorn future plans

John-Paul Bader hukl at berlin.ccc.de
Tue Jun 15 03:09:00 EDT 2010

On 15.06.2010, at 00:10, Eric Wong wrote:

> John-Paul Bader <hukl at berlin.ccc.de> wrote:
>> Hey, 
>> your plans sound great except for ignoring FreeBSD ;)
>> Seriously many many Servers, including many which I administrate run
>> on FreeBSD and they do so very well. I'm not very familiar with the
>> internals of the FreeBSD Kernel but I can assure you that it runs
>> perfectly on 8 and 16 core machines and I would extremely happy if I
>> could continue to use unicorn on them.
> Hi John-Paul,
> Reread my post carefully, not much is changing for 8-16 core users.
> FreeBSD and SMP will continue to be supported.  I wasn't referring
> to SMP at all when I was talking about Linux-only bits.

Hey again,

sorry if I misinterpreted your post. My mail could've been shorter by saying that there are FreeBSD supercomputer clusters and that if we get 1000 cores or more FreeBSD will be fast to adapt so don't let it slip out of focus ;)

My offer for a FreeBSD machine account stands and I'd be more than happy to report issues as they occur to help you out if BSD issues occur.

Thanks again,


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