Logging errors from Unicorn

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Mon Jun 7 12:54:31 EDT 2010

Peter <peter.kieltyka at nulayer.com> wrote:
> By the way, have you ever thought about moving the unicorn mailing list to
> a Google group? It's much easier to interact with, search, communicate, etc.
> Just saying...

Google Groups get more spam, and last I checked there's no way to
download mail archives easily other than scraping the site.

The Rubyforge at least has that, but the searchability sucks (so we
mirror to gmane/mail-archive).

Librelist is nice, but didn't exist when I started this project and at
this point the pain of migration is more than the benefit.  I'll
consider Librelist if there's strong support on the mailing list here.

> Even issues like trying to post this reply here, and getting "The following
> errors were found: You have  lines longer than 80 characters. Fix that."
> ... hehe, thats pretty funny.

Where does it say that?  I usually wrap my replies at 72 characters, but
there should be nothing in the mailman config that prevents longer lines
from being posted (and some patches do go longer than 80 due to the +/-
prefixes).  Of course HTML email is hugely wasteful and that's not
allowed here.

Eric Wong

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