Getting a strange cookie error

Eric Wong normalperson at
Fri Jan 22 18:03:37 EST 2010

Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> Travis Bell <travis at> wrote:
> > Just a follow up, it looks like it was rack 1.1.0 causing the issues.
> > I uninstalled it, and am now using rack 1.0.1 and the error has gone
> > away.
> > 
> > Why it worked with Thin + Rack 1.1.0 and not Unicorn, still not sure.
> Sorry, I keep getting distracted/interrupted while looking into this,
> it's probably related to the Rack::Utils::HeaderHash optimizations[1] in
> Rack 1.1.0 somehow interacting badly with Sinatra + Rack::Lint
> But Sinatra uses Rack::Response, so it shouldn't happen, but somehow
> it does, I'll look at it more when I get a chance.

HI Travis,

I can't seem to reproduce this with Sinatra
466cc74b8f393f98de227122c78ed55cb745cbc6, and Rack 1.1.0 with a basic
"hello world" application.  I'll need to know more about what your
application does with response headers...

Are you running any other middlewares or patches that could affect
things inside Rack::Response or Rack::Utils?

Unicorn takes a very strict interpretation of the Rack spec and always
loads Rack::Lint in development mode.  This makes Unicorn much more
picky about applications/middleware that don't completely conform to the
Rack spec.

Thin itself doesn't appear to load Rack::Lint by default, but does
running your application with "rackup -s thin -E development..." let you
reproduce the failures you see with Unicorn?

Thanks for any more info you can give us!

Eric Wong

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