Getting a strange cookie error

Eric Wong normalperson at
Fri Jan 22 16:48:51 EST 2010

Travis Bell <travis at> wrote:
> Just a follow up, it looks like it was rack 1.1.0 causing the issues.
> I uninstalled it, and am now using rack 1.0.1 and the error has gone
> away.
> Why it worked with Thin + Rack 1.1.0 and not Unicorn, still not sure.

Sorry, I keep getting distracted/interrupted while looking into this,
it's probably related to the Rack::Utils::HeaderHash optimizations[1] in
Rack 1.1.0 somehow interacting badly with Sinatra + Rack::Lint

But Sinatra uses Rack::Response, so it shouldn't happen, but somehow
it does, I'll look at it more when I get a chance.

[1] - I made those optimizations to Rack, too :<

Eric Wong

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