Strange Thread related errors

Iñaki Baz Castillo ibc at
Thu Jan 7 11:31:49 EST 2010

El Jueves, 7 de Enero de 2010, Michael Guterl escribió:
> Our Rails app has started raising exceptions (caught by hoptoad
> thankfully) and I can only imagine they're related to unicorn.  I only
> think the errors are occurring on the request after we deploy, which
> upgrades the Unicorn process.  I say this because the errors are
> coming from many different actions, but I haven't been able to
> reproduce.

Let me explain a problem I had with Sequel and Unicorn (already solved), 
perhaps it's related:

I load Sequel database toolkit in the master process so it generates its own 
threads pool.
Then Unicorn forks into workers but each worker uses the same instance of 
Sequel database, this is, the same threads pool.

This causes errors since some thread could be used by different processes at 
the same time.

The solution is simple:

Don't set the Sequel instance in the master process, instead do it in each 
worker ("after_fork" block in unicorn config file).

In this way each process has its own Sequel instance with its own threads 

Also, using Sequel thread pool makes no sense when using Unicorn as each 
worker is single thread, so I gain some performance by setting 
"single_threaded = true" in Sequel database configuration (no thread pool 

Probably you are getting a similar issue due to ActiveRecord or any other 
multithread library you load in the master process so the instance is shared 
between all the workers.

Iñaki Baz Castillo <ibc at>

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