Launch Problem

Eric Wong normalperson at
Fri Feb 26 02:45:01 EST 2010

John Wulff <johnwulff at> wrote:
> I'm experiencing this, can't seem to figure it out.  Any help would be
> appreciated, thanks!
> $ unicorn_rails -c current/config/unicorn.rb -E production
> current/config/unicorn.rb:2:in `reload': uninitialized constant
> Unicorn::Configurator::YAML (NameError)

Hi John,

Unicorn itself doesn't use YAML anywhere, so you're probably just
forgetting to load it somewhere in your config file:

  require 'yaml'

Some servers (Mongrel, Thin) use YAML config files, so they would've
already required 'yaml' for you.

Eric Wong

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