Nginx Sock And Rails Envinroment Error

Alex Barlow alexbarlowis at
Sun Feb 14 14:01:07 EST 2010

Hi There,

Im running an amazon instance with nginx proxying to a unicorn sock.

For some reason, even though i specify the production environment, when being visited by nginx, the site shows errors in  development form.

Interestingly, when running on a port rather than a sock, if i visit that port, the errors are rendered as normal with a 500 page, the same port, throught nginx, shows errors like you do in development.

The app is rails latest (not 3), i run it with unicorn_rails -E production -c /root/pbr/current/config/unicorn.rb -D

and unicorn.rb looks like..

worker_processes (20)

Im thinking it could be a permissions problem, the rails directory is in under root, nginx runs as user nginx, but i have given chown permission the the directory?

Cheers, Alex

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