Unicorn Tuning

Andres Rojas arojas at oogalabs.com
Thu Feb 4 23:24:11 EST 2010

Hi all, we've recently migrated from a mongrel setup to a Unicorn
setup on most of our projects and we're trying to figure out how best
to get stats about queued requests so we can tune accordingly.

Our old setup:
Hardware load balancer -----> Virtual Machine -----> Nginx ----->
HAProxy -----> Mongrel

New setup:
Hardware load balancer -----> Virtual Machine -----> Nginx -----> Unicorn!

The nice thing about HAProxy is that it gives you an easy way of
seeing how many requests are queued up, which helps us determine how
many slices we need, etc. With the loss of HAProxy in our Unicorn
setup, I'm curious as how best to determine this. I've looked around
in the mailing list and haven't come across much. Any help would be
much appreciated.

Thanks so much for an awesome piece of software!


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