Get to the Top of Google: 10 Free SEO Tools (free webinar)

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If you're going to keep just one New Year's Resolution, that 
one should be to get your business SEO fit. 
(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)

Getting physically fit means more exercise and a better diet,
getting SEO fit for Google, Yahoo, and Bing means more time
identifying your best keywords, more time adding good page
tags, and more time building useful links ...

To sign up - and find out more details on the class I am teaching -

Topics covered in the free SEO Tools webinar and my upcoming full 
7-session course (which does require payment) include:

 * Page Tags - HTML tags that Google/search-engines prefer
 * Keywords - the key terms and phrases you should have
 * Website structure - the best website structure for search
 * Rank - determining your Google rank and that of competitors
 * Metrics - Webmaster tools and Google analytics
 * Link-building - tools to identify good link targets
 * News - how to use news to rise to the top of searches

People who have taken this course love it. This is true! It is not your
father's snoozer of a webinar.  It can get pretty technical but I
take my 14 years of hi-tech and SEO experience and make it as fun as

You may choose not to continue with the paid training; even so I am
sure you will find the one-hour commitment well worth it.

I hope you can make it.  It will be well worth your time!

Best regards,

J. McDonald

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