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Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Aug 17 21:14:44 EDT 2010

Jimmy Soho <jimmy.soho at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I deploy new code I always go through the USR2 - QUIT process.
> However, after a few deployments it seems our base javascript file is
> missing. I've experienced this a few times now. We use rails 2.3.8,
> and have something like this in our layouts file:
> <%= javascript_include_tag 'webtoolkit', 'jquery', 'jquery.metadata',
> 'jquery.url_utils', 'jquery.form', 'jquery.hotkeys',
> 'jquery.livequery', 'application', :cache => 'base'  %>
> When it's missing it doesn't matter how often I kill with USR2 / QUIT,
> it won't appear. If I stop the unicorn master process completely and
> then start again, then it does create the base.js file again.
> Anyone experienced this as well?  Anyone know what could be the reason
> for this?

Hi Jimmy,   Are you deploying with Capistrano and you originally started
Unicorn in a working_directory that no longer exists on the filesystem?

Under Linux, you can check the working directory of any process
with `ls -l /proc/$PID/cwd`

That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.

In your other email:
> I get the feeling that memory from the previous master/workers somehow
> isn't released and is used by the new unicorn master and/or worker
> processes.

Shouldn't be possible unless your OS is broken.  A more likely
explanation is that Unicorn process is pinned to the working
directory of an old deploy.

Eric Wong

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