HTTP parser C extension should be Rubinius-compatible

Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Sep 15 05:06:03 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I've just pushed out some changes to the C HTTP parser that should make
it compatible with a recent Rubinius[1] using the C API.  While I got
the http_parser and http_parser_ng tests to pass with the new changes,
most of the other tests that use pure Ruby actually failed(!).

If anybody wants to pick up where I left off (even if it's to properly
report bugs to the Rubinius team), please do so.  I'm not quite
motivated enough to do much more myself for a variety of reasons:

  1) non-(CLI|email) bug trackers scare me
  2) IRC kills my concentration
  3) BDD specs are weird to me[2]
  4) lack of folks in need of Rubinius support *right* *now*

I'm sure if more things start using/working-with Rubinius I'd be more
inclined to do more, but right now we're stuck in a Catch-22...

Shortlog of relevant changes pushed out to
git:// tonight:

Eric Wong (6):
      http: define OFFT2NUM macro on Rubies without it
      http: no-op rb_str_modify() for Rubies without it
      http: compile with -fPIC
      http: use rb_str_{update,flush} if available
      http: create a new string buffer on empty values
      Update documentation for Rubinius support status

[1] tested with db612aa62cad9e5cc41a4a4be645642362029d20

[2] to be fair, Unicorn using gmake to parallelize test/unit
    is weird to the rest of the world, too

Eric Wong

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