Unicorn Nginx Issue

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Tue Oct 13 15:43:24 EDT 2009

Matt Mongeau <halogenandtoast at gmail.com> wrote:
> sudo gem check -t unicorn

Again, please don't top post on this mailing list (nor on other technical
mailing lists in general).

> fails
> Failure:
> test_rack_lint_big_put(RequestTest) [./test/unit/test_request.rb:178]:
> <nil> expected but was
> <"
> followed by lots whitespace
> ">.

Unrelated to the problem we were having, but this really should be
working, especially with 0.93.2 or later.  Is anybody else out there
hitting this?

> Error:
> test_expand_addr(TestConfigurator):
> SocketError: getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
>     /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/unicorn-0.93.2/lib/unicorn/configurator.rb:346:in
> `pack_sockaddr_in'
>     /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/unicorn-0.93.2/lib/unicorn/configurator.rb:346:in
> `expand_addr'
>     ./test/unit/test_configurator.rb:35:in `call'
>     ./test/unit/test_configurator.rb:35:in `test_expand_addr'

This looks like a portability issue.  I'll probably rip those tests out
since a good chunk of systems don't addresses like this.

But above this test failure, the other test_expand_addr assertions
manage to pass which is strange, namely the following:

    meth = Unicorn::Configurator.new.method(:expand_addr)

    assert_equal "/var/run/unicorn.sock", meth.call("/var/run/unicorn.sock")
    assert_equal "#{Dir.pwd}/foo/bar.sock", meth.call("unix:foo/bar.sock")

Your original paths were under 104 bytes, too[1]

> >> I had
> >> listen '/Users/mattmongeau/projects/test/unicorn/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock',
> >> :backlog => 1024
> >> I guess I needed
> >> listen 'unix:/Users/mattmongeau/projects/test/unicorn/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock',
> >> :backlog => 1024

Does using a shorter path help at all?

Shorter (and shallower) paths are even a small bit faster because the
filesystem has to do less work to resolve it for every connection :)

[1] - http://portabilityblog.com/blog/archives/4-UNIX-domain-sockets.html

Eric Wong

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