Worker restarts even when idle

Eric Wong normalperson at
Sun Oct 11 22:31:50 EDT 2009

Jeremy Evans <jeremyevans0 at> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 6:32 PM, Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> > Jeremy Evans <jeremyevans0 at> wrote:
> > Can you try playing the following on OpenBSD and seeing if
> > the ctimes match for before and after?
> The times are different:
>   [Sun Oct 11 19:08:42 -0700 2009, Sun Oct 11 19:08:43 -0700 2009]


Is this only on a certain app/library that might use in a
different thread?  Can you reproduce it on a dead simple "Hello World"
app that you're certain is single-threaded?  It could be related to this
bug someone off list hit the other day:

  ( is dead right now :<)

Can you ktrace(? (or any other) syscall tracer) the worker immediately
after spawning and see what it's doing up until the master kills it?

The other possible culprit is that the accept_nonblock is blocking,

Eric Wong

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