While we're on the topic

Brian Ketelsen bketelsen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 18:59:34 EDT 2009

First - Thanks!   We're loving Unicorn.

I'm serving about 200K API requests a day on a few linux servers  
running Unicorn.  We have the API calls, and also some admin stuff  
that has a UI.  I have a pair of F5 load balancers in front of the  
setup with two pools.  The API pool passes directly to the unicorns,  
while the UI pool passes to nginx which passes to unicorn.  At the  
time it seemed to make sense that the API calls were stateless and  
waiting only on our backend services to process.  The UI was a more  
complex story with web browsers and persistence.

I'm curious -- is the F5 straight to unicorn plan a good one?  We've  
had no complaints from our customers and great performance, so it's  
more of a rhetorical question, my average API response time is a tenth  
of a second.  Are there any traps here?


Brian Ketelsen

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