[ANN] Rainbows! 0.1.0 initial release

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Mon Oct 5 07:00:13 EDT 2009

Rainbows! Unicorn for slow apps and slow clients

Rainbows! is a HTTP server for Rack applications.  It is based on
Unicorn, but designed to handle applications that expect long
request/response times and/or slow clients.  For Rack applications not
heavily bound by slow external dependencies, consider Unicorn instead as
it simpler and easier to debug.

Rainbows! includes previous work from the "gossamer" and "rainbows"
branches of Unicorn and will support additional network concurrency
models.  It is basically for all the things that Unicorn sucks
at :)

* http://rainbows.rubyforge.org/
* rainbows-talk at rubyforge.org
* git://git.bogomips.org/rainbows.git


Initial release

This release is currently highly experimental and is still
missing a lot of test coverage.

Eric Wong

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