non-Linux users out there?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Oct 1 13:49:11 EDT 2009

Does anybody here run Unicorn on a non-Linux system such as

Does everything work as expected?  I'm mainly concerned about the signal
handling wrt log cycling and transparent upgrades, but there may be
other things that don't work as expected...

So if there's anything broken on a modern *nix kernel, please let us
know.  If you could provide shell access via ssh so we can fix and test
directly on the box, even better.

I currently only have Linux 2.6.x machines to test on, but I have been
thinking about getting an inexpensive FreeBSD jail/VPS as a playground
for Unicorn and other things anyways.  If there are any recommendations
(or shady places to avoid) for inexpensive non-Linux hosting providers,
I'm welcome to suggestions.  I very strongly prefer a non-Xen provider
outside of California for disaster scenarios.

Eric Wong

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