About Unicorn Rack handler

Lin Jen-Shin (aka godfat 真常) godfat at godfat.org
Wed Nov 4 07:37:16 EST 2009


A couple days ago, I was trying to run Unicorn for Ramaze,
and found that `Unicorn.run' didn't share the same interface
with other Rack handlers, i.e. `options[:Host]' and `options[:Port]'

Because of this, I can't just use:

  Rack::Handler.register('unicorn', 'Unicorn')

And invoke this:

  Ramaze.start(:adapter => 'unicorn', :port => 8080)

To address this, I added a simple wrapper in
Innate (which is the core of Ramaze):


In short, simply hack the config to:

  {:listeners => ["#{config[:Host]}:#{config[:Port]}"]}

Should we adapt to this interface in Unicorn::Configurator,
or provide an additional Rack handle to adapt to this,
or maintain this Rack handler in Rack repository, just like the others?

I'm looking forward to your opinion, many thanks!

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