Listening UNIX socket is not deleted when stopping Unicorn?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Dec 28 14:06:33 EST 2009

Iñaki Baz Castillo <ibc at> wrote:
> El Lunes, 28 de Diciembre de 2009, Eric Wong escribió:
> > Since there's absolutely no point in running Unicorn on port 80/443, you
> > should just avoid user switching entirely since it'll significantly
> > simplify your setup(s).
> The problem are init scripts as they are executed by init process (as root).
> There are some ways to run a commandwith other user (as "su") but AFAIK most 
> of the servers implement full user switching (not just worker processes) by 
> themself.

Hi Iñaki,

User switching in the master isn't possible because we need to support
USR2 upgrades (and even some/most cases of HUP/USR1 handling).

But yes, just use su to become a regular user in an init script.

Since you're using a Linux box, maybe you can try getting something with
capabilities and enabling CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE somehow... I never took
the time to get that working right.

Eric Wong

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