"unicorn -D" always returns 0 "success" (even when failed to load)

Iñaki Baz Castillo ibc at aliax.net
Sat Dec 26 13:23:24 EST 2009

El Sábado, 26 de Diciembre de 2009, Iñaki Baz Castillo escribió:
> El Sábado, 26 de Diciembre de 2009, Eric Wong escribió:
> > >   http://oversip.net/public/min_time_running.rb
> > >
> > > It contains a modification for bin/unicorn and a rewritten
> > > lib/unicorn/launcher.rb.
> >
> > Interesting, I could be tempted to accept this with a few changes...
> >
> > Process.detach() spawns a background Thread.  Having running threads
> > before forking won't fly with certain OS threading libraries (some
> > versions of FreeBSD, I believe, check MRI Redmine for some open bugs).
> Yes, but there is a problem:
> Imagine I don't use Process.detach and the master process ends when loads
>  the rack application (due to a typo or due to an error in unicorn conf
>  file). Then the master process would remain visible/alive but as zombie.
> If so, when the controller process sends signal 0 to check the master
>  process it will always receive 'true' (a zombie process is a process which
>  can receive signals, it's does exist).

Hi, I've improved it a bit with your suggestions and also simplified it a lot.
Now there is no a "controller process". Instead, if "Unicorn.run" raises then 
master process rescues the exception and sends USR1 to parent process so it 
exists with 1.
So, Process.detach is not used anymore :)

Please check it from here:


> > Use trap(Symbol), trap(Integer) is harder to read and has a likelyhood
> > of being non-portable for certain signals.  Likewise with Process.kill
> > (0 being the only exception, of course).

Done in new code.

> > I would trap() in the parent before any forking, in case the
> > sleep time is ever so low there's a race condition.

Done in new code.

> > Probably no need to handle USR1, either, just let the parent die on its
> > own,

Now just one signal plays: USR1. It is sent by master process to parent 
process if Unicorn.run raised an exception.


Iñaki Baz Castillo <ibc at aliax.net>

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