How to trap USR2 for custom ussage ?

Iñaki Baz Castillo ibc at
Fri Dec 25 17:16:46 EST 2009

El Jueves, 24 de Diciembre de 2009, Eric Wong escribió:

> > As I've said in other thread I want DRb to get some info related to the
> > application. A DRb client console could be used to check application
> > database(s) connection and so.
> > What would you suggest for this rather than DRb server?
> As I said before, write an endpoint in your HTTP application that
> calls and displays all the needed info you need.  Something that
> hits the database(s) and/or whatever else you're using.

Can Rack/Unicorn behave different depending on the request received port?
This is: I could run Unicorn in port 80 for clients access and port 5000 for 
admin access (status and so).
However I couldn't find in Rack specification, neither in Unicorn, a way to 
inspect the port in which the request was received by the http server. Is it 

> There's no need to introduce another socket protocol into that process.

Yes, I'm realizing that openging another socet protocol gets in conflict with 
Unicorn signals usage. For example USR2 + QUIT is really great as it allows to 
reload/restart a server and go back to the previos running instance if the new 
one fails in some way.
So I'll use HTTP instead of DRb protocol to display the server status.

Thanks a lot again.

Iñaki Baz Castillo <ibc at>

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