Restart with HUP signal can't bind listener

Eric Wong normalperson at
Wed Dec 2 17:28:12 EST 2009

Kamil Kukura <kamil.kukura at> wrote:
> I have "preload_app false" in my config, but when trying to restart  
> workers with sending HUP to master process Im getting (4 times) the 
> error:
> ERROR -- : retrying in 0.5 seconds (4 tries left)
> ERROR -- : adding listener failed addr= (in use)
> ...
> ...
> Complete config file to see here:
> Thanks in advance,

Hi Kamil,

I can't seem to reproduce this.  Is anything else taking up port
8080 on your box?  Which version of Unicorn is this?

Is there any chance you somehow got two Unicorn masters running?

If you're on Linux, running "netstat -anp | grep :8080" can tell you
what PID is hogging up port 8080.

Eric Wong

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