[Mongrel-development] [ANN] Unicorn: UNIX+localhost/LAN-only Mongrel fork

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 20:59:41 EST 2009


On Feb 16, 2009, at 3:39 PM, Eric Wong wrote:

> Ezra Zygmuntowicz <ezmobius at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This is really cool. I'm going to play with this now and see how it
>> works.
> Hi Ezra, any news on your testing?
> I've barely had a chance to work with it myself (I started writing  
> this
> email about 5 hours ago and got interrupted/distracted :x).
>> From informal benchmarks on a purely CPU/memory-bound Sinatra app,  
>> when
> simultaneous connections are less than nr_workers, Unicorn wins
> slightly; however when there are more workers then the async I/O
> buffering that Mongrel can do wins slightly over Unicorn.
> Of course the app I tested with is atypical in that it:
>  1) is completely thread-safe including all libraries used
>  2) has no external dependencies outside of the machine it runs on
>  3) has very uniform response times for all actions
> Unicorn is of course designed for apps:
>  1) with non-thread-safe dependencies
>  2) that depend on (occasionally unreliable) external API calls
>  3) where some actions taking measurably longer than others
> Tests were run on a fairly unsaturated GigE LAN.
> mailman/listinfo/mongrel-development

	Seems to work as advertised so far, cool stuff ;) One suggestion,  
folks are pretty standardized on rack and config.ru files these days.  
I'd much rather see unicorn look for a APP_ROOT/config.ru to load as  
its config file rather then the eval that returns a hash style it uses  

	Nice work.

Ezra Zygmuntowicz
ez at engineyard.com

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