[Mongrel-development] [ANN] Unicorn: UNIX+localhost/LAN-only Mongrel fork

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Sat Feb 14 04:46:16 EST 2009

Evan Weaver <evan at cloudbur.st> wrote:
> Hey, this is really interesting. I'll investigate to see where
> Mongrel2 and Unicorn are converging.

I modified up some of the Http{Request,Response} stuff to be easier (at
least for me) to follow since I'm not worrying about Mongrel API
compatibility (and I don't think Mongrel 2 is, either...).

Most of the cleanup changes are probably shareable with Mongrel except
for the blocking-I/O-dependent parts.

For Mongrel on UNIX, the multi-listener inheritance system of Unicorn
can definitely be added Mongrel.  Also, a Mongrel2 cluster could use
Unicorn-style process management + shared descriptors for load
balancing, but still use threads to service requests.

Eventually I may even make Unicorn to depend on Mongrel, but for now
I think having room to experiment and break stuff in isolation is
important for both projects to grow.

I've been trying to document most of my commits reasonably, feel free to
ask if you have any questions about my changes and of course if you find
any bugs :)

> Let me know if you need more access to any Mongrel resources.

Is it OK if we continue using this mailing list for Unicorn discussion?

Can use the Mongrel Rubyforge account to do releases (eventually)?

Also, what's happening with the current Mongrel Trac?  I'm not a fan of
any web-based bug tracker/ticket systems, but maybe others are willing
to help out with maintaining that...

Eric Wong

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