[mocha-developer] Expect with "real world" returns?

Zach Moazeni zach.lists at gmail.com
Wed May 21 16:32:38 EDT 2008

On May 21, 2008, at 10:56 AM, Carl Mercier wrote:

> I wish Mocha supported this "out of the box" with this syntax:
> User.expects(:find).with(1)     # returns the "real" row from the  
> database
> User.expects(:find).with(1).returns(mocked_row)  # returns a fake row

In my opinion, I don't find that useful. If I want the real row from  
the database to brought in, I wouldn't use mocking. I only use  
expects / stubs when I want to alter and/or assert behavior.

> and to have something explicitly return nil (without running the  
> real code):
> Foo.expects(:bar).returns(nil)

I'm too lazy to check right now, but I thought that was the current  

Foo.bar => nil

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