[mocha-developer] stubs! method

Jay Fields jay at jayfields.com
Mon Jan 21 13:42:33 EST 2008

Hello James et al.

I try to set only one expectation per test, but I also dislike having  
extra stub declarations that are no longer used, thus I often find  
myself wanting Object.expects(:foo).at_least_once. That works, but I  
don't actually "expect" foo to be called, in fact, I don't care, I  
only want to know when it isn't called so I can remember to clean up  
the test. Since I don't "expect" foo, it's also quite verbose for my  

Given the above, I'd really like a .stubs! method. The .stubs! method  
would convey that this is a stub and is unimportant for the test;  
however, if you don't call the method at least once, it will remind  
you to remove the stub.

I also think that stubs! is appropriate given that the intended use  
of ! methods is "the dangerous version of a method". I'd say a stub  
that raises an exception if it's never called is definitely the  
dangerous version of the method.


Cheers, Jay

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