[mocha-developer] Parameter Matchers with optional params

James Mead jamesmead44 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 06:11:49 EDT 2007

On 24/09/2007, Andrew Vit <andrew at avit.ca> wrote:
> Are there any docs for combining parameter matchers, or some way to
> define optional parameters? I'm trying to match something like:
>    .find( 42 )  ||  .find( 42, {:conditions=>nil,:includes=>nil} )
> Or for that matter, 42 followed by nothing or anything... Halp? I've
> tried different nested combos with any_of/all_of/anything, but
> getting lost trying.

Hi Andrew,

For the moment, I think you should be able to use the "parameter_block"
version of Expectation#with (

However, just to warn you, I'm intending to deprecate this mechanism in the
near future, but not until I can provide an alternative mechanism using
something similar to the ParameterMatcher style. I'll try to post here when
I get something committed.

Please let me know if you think the documentation could be improved.


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