[mocha-developer] Mock objects for stubbing out Paypal - anyone have any???

Greg Hauptmann greg.hauptmann.ruby at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 20:58:30 EST 2007


Just wondering if anyone has already developed a mocking approach to stub
out the Paypal interface so that one can test on an internal PC which
doesn't provide a means for PayPal to callback to your webserver?  (i.e.
once the app is deployed to the hosting provider it would then work as
PayPal could then hit the application with the specified URL).

Anyone already solved this?  Would mocca be a good way to achieve this?
(basically the rails app has to receive a URL request from PayPal, send a
confirmation back to PayPal and receive a response - i.e. overall the app
therefore has to respond to a URL request, make HTTP requests back to Paypal
and process the response)


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