[mocha-developer] Feature request... I think...

Ned Wolpert ned.wolpert at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 17:46:40 EDT 2007

One would think I could refactor the code, so yes.

The optimal way to deal with this is to write the test case that shows
the bug, then fix the bug, rather then refactor first. I was hoping
that I could use Mocha to help do just that. So it goes...

BTW, I enjoy using Mocha more then EasyMock... its a great project.

On 4/12/07, James Mead <jamesmead44 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry, Mocha is unlikely to support anything like this. It's too far away
> from the idea of mock objects.
> Can you not refactor the code so that you can write sensible unit tests
> around the defect?

Virtually, Ned Wolpert

"Settle thy studies, Faustus, and begin..."   --Marlowe

Discere docendo...

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