[mocha-developer] I'm misunderstanding how stubs works

Paul Butcher paul at 82ask.com
Sun Sep 24 06:38:19 EDT 2006

James Mead wrote:
> The first version doesn't work, because the second stub expectation
> doesn't replace the first. When the end_time call to Time.now comes in,
> it is matched to the first expectation and so returns the first value
> of t. I agree that this is not what you would expect and it's been on
> my todo list for a while. It hasn't made it to the top, because there
> are ways round it as you have demonstrated. I would probably use the
> same technique as you, but you might be interested to see a couple of
> other possibilities... 

Cool. Thanks James - that makes perfect sense. Glad to see that I'm not
being stupid ;-)


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