[mocha-developer] Mocha + Selenium-on-rails loading problem ?

Peter Fitzgibbons peter.fitzgibbons at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:53:47 EDT 2006

Hello All,

I need to stub two class methods before a selenium call.

The .rsel is :

require 'mocha'


setup :fixtures => :sales_config_works
open "/"

The Selenium test runner result is :

undefined method `stubs' for SalesConfigWork:Class

Extracted source (around line *#0*):

1: require 'mocha'
3: SalesConfigWork.stubs(:load_work_data)

RAILS_ROOT: ./script/../config/..

I understand this might be a stretch to ask; what do you think is happening
here ?

Thanks for your time!

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Peter Fitzgibbons
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