[mocha-developer] Fwd: Dealing with exec?

James Mead jamesmead44 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 16:03:09 EDT 2006

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From: Kevin Clark <kevin.clark at gmail.com>
Date: 01-Sep-2006 20:31
Subject: Dealing with exec?
To: James Mead <jamesmead44 at gmail.com>

Hey James,
Sorry to bug you. I was curious how you'd handle a call to exec in a
method you were testing. Kernel.stubs(:exec)... doesn't seem to work
but I'm not sure where else an exec call might come from. Ideas?

I'm going to push hard to get mocha and stubba into Rails (or atleast
allow it for tests on the framework). It just saves me too much work
to ignore.


Kevin Clark

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