[mocha-developer] New to Mocha

Michael Lee yfl at bund.com.au
Wed Oct 18 03:13:13 EDT 2006

Hi all

I am new to Mocha. I am trying to use it for my pet rails project.

I seem to be getting loads of errors when I add mocha as a plugin. It  
seems to be conflicting with TinyMCE plugin http://johnwulff.com/ 

I am getting the following errors

ActionView::TemplateError: undefined method `using_tiny_mce?' for  
     On line #5 of app/views/layouts/admin.rhtml

     2:   <head>
     3:          <% # Include TinyMCE before other JS to avoid  
problems -%>
     4:     <%= javascript_include_tag "tiny_mce/tiny_mce" %>
     5:     <%= tiny_mce if using_tiny_mce? %>
     6:          <%= render :partial => 'layouts/head' %>
     7:          <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'raid' %>

Seems like tinymce is not loading up properly when mocha is around :(

Help pls


Michael Lee

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