[mocha-developer] If I stub do I have to mock as well?

Tim Case gk at karmacrash.com
Fri Oct 13 16:04:20 EDT 2006

Hi Tim,
> I still can't see anything obviously wrong - although my brain is in 
> Friday afternoon mode. I've created a new Rails project and installed 
> the same version of the plugin as you and I've tried some simple tests 
> to try and replicate what you're seeing, but with no luck. I'm using 
> version Rails 1.0.0 - what version are you using?
> @order should be a real Order unless you are doing some other mocking 
> out in a setup() method. Do you have any other setup code? The error 
> you are seeing implies that @order is a mock object and not a real 
> object - it is saying that there has been an unexpected call to the 
> successful? method. You can generate the same error by doing something 
> like this...
>   def test_me
>     order = mock()
>     order.successful?
>   end
> But it should not be possible to get the same error on a real object.
> I suggest you add the following line at the top of the process_order() 
> method...
>   p @order
> An then we can see whether its a mock or a real object.
> The only other thing I can think of is that Mocha might not be 
> clearing up correctly after itself between tests. Do you get the same 
> error if you comment out all the other test methods in that TestCase?
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> James.
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James, just figured it out and everything works!  Here's what was going on:

class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
    def successful?

class CcOrder < Order

def test_post_checkout
    post :checkout
    assert_response :redirect
    assert_equal "Checkout was successful.", flash[:notice]

CcOrder is the concrete class that was actually getting called in the 
process_order method inside the store controller code.  In the test, I 
was stubbing out the method from CcOrder's parent class Order, by 
changing the stub to operate on CcOrder the test worked as expected.

 def process_order
    if @order.process and @order.successful? /*<-- at order is a CcOrder 
not Order*/
      if customer_logged_in?
        flash[:notice] = "Checkout was successful."
        flash[:notice] = "Checkout was successful, and your account was
      redirect_to_order_confirmation @order.id

def test_post_checkout
    post :checkout
    assert_response :redirect
    assert_equal "Checkout was successful.", flash[:notice]

It seems to me that the original call to stub Order should have 
propagated down to Order's child classes as well.  Is this by design or 
something for the future?  (Maybe I can help)

A new mocha fan!  Nice work James!!!

Tim Case
tim at karmacrash.com

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