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On 15/12/06, jpywtora at calpoly.edu <jpywtora at calpoly.edu> wrote:
> http://ruby-talk.blogspot.com/2006/12/get-edge-that-is-edgemocha.html
> All the mocha talk pushed me to the edge ;-)
> Hope it is helpful

Thanks for your interest. I think you've given us more of an incentive
to get another release out there.

Can you give me details of what didn't work in release 0.3.2? This
release has been out there for quite a while now without anyone else
having problems. Or was the only problem that it didn't work without
Test::Unit? I guess it doesn't say so explicitly in the documentation,
but if you look at all the examples, this version was only ever
intended to work in conjunction with Test::Unit.

You are correct that HEAD now separates itself from Test::Unit. This
was mainly work done to help out the RSpec developers who at one stage
wanted to integrate Mocha as the mocking component for RSpec. However
they now have their own (very similar) mocking component.

I can't really imagine why you would want to use Mocha outside a
testing framework. Your example illustrates a couple of the problems
of using Mocha outside a testing framework - when do expectations get
verified and when do stubbed classes get put back to their original
state. You need to decide when to trigger calls to e.g. verify_stubs()
and teardown_stubs().

Probably better to post stuff like this to the Mocha developer list
(see footer) rather than ruby-talk.


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