[mocha-developer] public SVN dead?

Tomas Pospisek tpo2 at sourcepole.ch
Thu Dec 14 08:29:14 EST 2006

Quoting James Mead <jamesmead44 at gmail.com>:

> On 14/12/06, Tomas Pospisek <tpo2 at sourcepole.ch> wrote:
> > Righty, right. I've tried:
> >
> >   svn checkout svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/mocha
> >
> > as documented here [1], but svn will just hang forever.
> This works fine for me. Are you sure you aren't behind a firewall
> blocking svn protocol? That's port 3690 I think. Are you able to
> access other external svn repositories using the svn protocol?

Umm, yes, you're right. SVN is blocked. Sucker. Sorry for bothering with that

> > Accessing any of the following:
> >
> >   [svn|http[s]]://rubyforge.org/var/svn/mocha[/[trunk[/]]]
> >
> > either through the svn client or through a web-browser didn't work either.
> The
> > svn client tells me:
> >
> >   $ svn checkout http://rubyforge.org/var/svn/mocha
> >   svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/var/svn/mocha'
> >   svn: PROPFIND of '/var/svn/mocha': 405 Method Not Allowed
> > (http://rubyforge.org)
> >
> > whereas the browser returns a generic "Page Not Found" Page...
> >
> > Is rubyforge.org currently broken wrt the SVN repository?
> AFAIK Rubyforge doesn't make svn repositories available over http, so
> I'm not surprised these didn't work.

OK. So I'll need to route around this :-/

> > PS: Thanks for the replies... - I've seen your reply in the mailing list
> >     archive today by chance. A Cc: would be most perfect, since I wasn't
> >     subscribed (and seem not to be able to either - I'm getting no feedback
> >     from mailman. Could be a mail server config issue at my side) then and
> >     the docu doesn't mention that mocha-developer at rubyforge.org is a
> >     scription-based mailing list either... :-o
> Hmm. I'll CC you on this email, but there shouldn't be any problem
> subscribing. It would make it easier for me too if you did subscribe,
> because if you don't I have to moderate your emails which means they
> won't get such a quick response. I'll try to subscribe you myself and
> see if that works (I hope you don't mind me taking this liberty).

That worked thanks, and it took the subscription confirmation too to get here
but finally it did.

Thanks a lot James,

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