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Luke Sutton luke.sutton at
Fri Oct 19 19:47:51 EDT 2007

>> There was a suggestion of a merb app similar to Radiant — although
>> perhaps a little more simple — on the IRC channel. A good idea I
>> reckon. It could go into use on merbivore, but would also serve as a
>> good showcase for Merb.
> Was me :-)

Sorry Luis, I couldn't remember.

> Radiant is way to complex, now with all their Page inheritance and
> (Extensions) thing.
> I cannot commit to the project and do that (since I've my hands full
> of OSS projects).
> I could hack something with help, but since this will have two sides:
> Front and CMS, maybe 2 weeks deadline are less than ideal.

For something moderately complicated, that is true. I've learned to  
be a little more conservative with deadlines. IT never works out how  
you hope!

>> Just a thought anyway.
> Maybe a almost static-served-by-merb site could do for now, and later
> migrate to a full CMS (obviously, powered by Merb).

That might be the go. We could actually just make something totally  
static, no Merb. We could easily hit the deadline at that rate.

Something like Webby ( to handle the  
templating and output plain HTML. Then we just stick it on a server.  
I've had great success using it on the datamapper site. Awesome,  
awesome little app.

Later on we can look at making a 'showcase' application. Maybe Mr.  
Blog could get some love?

>> I'm ready and willing to pitch in with the CSS/HTML coding and
>> anything else for that matter. 2 week deadline. We can totally do
>> that :)
> I like you enthusiasm :)

I'll be doing what I love!

> Looking forward to test-drive it (browser compatibility check) ;-)

That would be excellent. It's always difficult to test everything,  
especially IE since I'm on a Mac.


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