merb/sequel mutex on or off? proxy_balancer or no?

Dusty Doris merb at
Wed Nov 7 10:05:41 EST 2007

Just a quick question to those of you using merb and sequel or
datamapper.  How do you setup your merb app?

For example:

merb -X off -c 5, then run mod_proxy_balancer or nginx to load balance
between the 5 (or whatever #) of merb nodes?

merb -X off -d, then simply use something like proxypass

merb -c 5, keep the mutex lock and cluster it

haproxy, swiftiply, evented mongrel......

What I'm curious about is if you are using sequel, do you typically
remove those mutex locks?  If so, is there a benefit still in running
a clustered mongrel setup?  Just curious to how others are setting up
their applications.  Right now I'm removing the mutex lock and setting
up a cluster of 5 behind proxy_balancer and its working great.
However, I was just curious to what others are doing.

Thanks.  Its looking great.  I especially love the new provides :xml,
:text, ... in the responder.  Really nice idea.

-Dusty Doris

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