Merb Init Script

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ez at
Fri Jan 19 14:35:48 EST 2007

On Jan 19, 2007, at 8:04 AM, Rogelio J. Samour wrote:

> I'm trying to emulate the mongrel_cluster_ctl but it takes a -c
> conf_file option... meaning I can run it from anywhere as long as I
> tell it where the conf file is. Merb doesn't have that capability does
> it? (it has an additional/supplemental config like mup.conf etc)
> Do I have to be under the merb_app root /path/to/merb/app/ to be able
> to run merb?
> Let me know.
> Thanks,
> rogelio

	No you don't have to be in the merb apps root. You can pass merb  
root as a command line flag:

$ merb -m /path/to/merbapp

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