Merb::RenderMixin#set_status refers to non-existent RESPONSE_CODES constant

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ez at
Thu Dec 13 16:57:13 EST 2007

On Dec 13, 2007, at 7:49 AM, François Beausoleil wrote:

> #set_status
> refers to a non-existent constant.  I tried, while creating #359, to
> make things OK, but I failed.  I started by using STATUS_CODES  
> instead,
> then used #[] instead of calling a method named STATUS_CODES, then I
> found out that during the call to #inherited
>, the
> STATUS constant isn't defined (yet).  I tried to add a #status  
> method to
> Base, but even that failed because the class didn't have the constant
> during the call to #inherited.
> So, I'm rather stuck.  It's probably a good idea to make the exception
> subclasses have a method, rather than a constant, to return the  
> correct
> status code value.
> What's the consensus ?  Should I start work on this ?  What effect  
> would
> this have on  the rest of the code ?
> Bye !
> François Beausoleil


	I have applied your doc patch and I also think I fixed the code  
problem with the set_status helper. Can you please try again with  
trunk and verify it works for you?


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-- Founder & Software Architect
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