[Mechanize-users] Interesting mechanize difficulty

Mat Schaffer schapht at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:51:54 EDT 2006

> I found an interesting page today that I was trying to script  
> against.  The server returns a 404 with content and the page just  
> works normally in firefox despite the 404.  Mechanize raises an  
> exception on it though.
> I'm working on a test case now.

After looking at the code, I think a behavior decision is necesary  
before a test case.  I can understand the reasoning for raising an  
exception, but it would be really valuable if the page were still  
available from the exception.  I think putting the page into the  
ResponseCodeError would be a decent approach.  Thoughts Aaron?   
Should I make a patch to the svn trunk?


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